Genesis Excel 4 Performance Tape - 40 Pieces

  • $21.00


Performance Fitting, Protection & Release Tape

The days of using tape strictly for adjusting fit are a thing of the past. Get the Power to Excel with the industries most advanced tape technology.

Our new line of performance tapes provide you with superior protection against blisters, cuts and abrasions, and are available in five distinct styles. Ranging in texture, thickness and material stretch properties, our tapes give you a multitude of options to fine tune the speed of your release, plus the ability to layer pieces for the perfect fit with less waste, and the power of Kinesiology to increase blood flow and control swelling. The easy to read visual guides quickly let you determine which Excel is best for you.

But we didn’t stop there. We also equipped Excel with our own proprietary adhesive for maximum adhesion without the mess. That means you won’t get that annoying sticky residue you get with some other tapes.

So don’t just tape use tape, get the Power to Excel!

Adjust Fit, Protect Skin, Control Release | The Power to Excel

40 Pieces Per Package

    Excel 4 Specs:

    • Medium-Slow Release
    • Thick Profile
    • Single Stretch Cotton
    • Fitting - 5
    • Protection - 5
    • Release - 2

    Size: 2.75" x 1" (7 cm x 2.54 cm)